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  • “Accident Scene Cleaners was clearly a great choice both emotionally and financially. Brian, the owner, was so sympathetic to our situation. He took the time to discuss all that was needed to remedy our position and then quickly and respectfully took care of everything.

    Patricia, the office manager (and Brian’s mother), couldn’t have made it easier. We had some problems dealing with the insurance company, and then the bank. She did everything humanly possible to encourage me, kept me informed, and assisted everywhere she could.

    This is truly how a business should be run.

    Thank you Brian and Patricia!”

    - Jon Miller, Sebastian, FL

  • My experience was wonderful with Accident scene cleaners. I had to use them for a Bio clean and they were so helpful & compassionate.

    They explained everything in a very well thought manner and the job was done professionally from start to finish.

    I spoke to Pat for the whole process, her kindness and empathy with the whole process, helped me so much with my loss.

    She still reaches out to see how I am doing.  She is a blessing,

    - M Arado, Jensen Beach

  • I have to say that I never thought I would have to use the services of Accident Scene Cleaners. The call for me was very difficult in the beginning, but after speaking to Pat she assured me that they would be respectful.  The team came to the house and took pictures for reference and began to work.  The team was very respectful and took great care in the cleanup.  Luckily, insurance was able to be used and Pat was very helpful working with the insurance company to supply all of the necessary information that they needed.  This company is extremely professional and if their services are needed, I highly recommend them.

    - Satisfied Customer, Fort Pierce, FL

  • “A truly exceptional, family-run business that does great work, but also is incredibly supportive, empathetic and helpful for their clients.

    The circumstances under which anyone has to call Accident Scene Cleaners is never pleasant, so I doubt our story was any more tragic. However, Pat treated us with such kindness and care as she guided us through the process. She checked in, followed up, offered practical advice and encouragement. When Leon and Brian showed up on scene to meet us and do the work, they were great as well. We hit an obstacle during the clean-up process, and they troubleshot things and just figured out a work around to get things done. When homeowners insurance caused another obstacle, they took up the cause and got it done. Their tenacity, helpfulness and knowledge are unparalleled. And beyond that, we also were a bit at sea looking for a funeral home in the area for cremation services, and they had a great recommendation for us on that front too.

    They really were an unbelievable help to us, as well as a voice of calm and kindness, during a dark time. I can’t imagine what we would’ve done without them.”

    - Jeff & Melody, Port St. Lucie, FL

  • “I highly recommend Accident Cleaners for cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste after an in home death of a loved one. Pat was my first point of contact and she walked me through the process with empathy as well as professionalism. In addition, my meeting with Brian at my brother’s home was one of genuine concern for me and my sister who accompanied me from Maryland, as well as sympathy for our situation and that of our brother.

    Pat has continued to keep in touch with me inquiring as to how our family is doing in the aftermath of this devastating loss.

    Thank you seems totally inadequate for the excellent service provided by Brian and Pat from Accident Cleaners.”

    - CM

  • “No one wants to be in a position to need this type of service. If you do, these are the people you want helping you. At a very tough time in our lives we were treated like family. The family oriented and family run business helps people through the process and stands by them even after they get paid. Thank you Pat and your hubby for all you did for us. We truly, truly, appreciate your kindness.”

    - Kenia Draus

  • “I can’t say enough good things about this company. When my brother was found barely alive after a fall in his apartment, the bio-cleanup at the apartment was only one of many issues I had to deal with. I was lucky to have Accident Scene Cleaners recommended to me by a larger commercial bio-cleaning firm, who said that ASC was a family-owned and operated firm who were more suited to my needs and that they were “very good people, and very good at what they do. You will be in good hands.” They were exactly right.

    I called ASC and received the most compassionate and knowledgeable advice and treatment before, during, and after the cleanup that I ever could have hoped for. Pat (in the office) was truly my guardian angel during the whole process. I am elderly and live a distance from my brother, who lives alone; and Pat and Brian at ASC were there every step of the way to help when my brother was hospitalized and I could not be there. Brian went in, sent “before” pictures and an estimate, then did a wonderful job with the cleanup (with his crew) and sent “after” pictures as well.

    My lack of proximity made things complicated, but Pat never hesitated in saying to feel free to call her 24/7, because “That is what we are here for. You don’t have to go through this alone. We’re here to help.” No e-mail or phone call of mine was ever ignored, passed off, or even delayed by that dear lady. She really LISTENED, heard, and talked to me about not just the cleanup, but about other things as well. She treated me like family.

    The cleanup was thorough and professional, and having Pat to talk to was PRICELESS. Out of all the many aspects and contacts in my brother’s time of crisis, my contact with everyone at ASC made me feel at every minute that someone had my back. THANK YOU, Pat and Brian, for helping me through a very difficult time, and for reminding me by example that there are still truly good people in the world.”

    - VK

  • “A family business run by people who genuinely care about you at a difficult time. Every contact with them was professional and courteous. The service did an excellent job for us.”

    - Carmen Malfitano

  • “It is with gratitude that I send this review. Accident Scene Cleaners answered our call in the middle of the night. The customer service we received was exceptional. The owner, Brian, that arrived was courteous and professional. The work was completed quickly and efficiently with our residents privacy and comfort in mind. We would use them again!”

    - TM, Vero Beach, Florida

  • “I would like to commend Brian and his crew for the excellent job they did in cleaning up what was a terrible scene in our condo due to the death of our father. We so much appreciated the compassion and professionalism he and his crew showed us during this very difficult time and I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone needing this type of service. He was so kind and helpful.

    He also gave us a great deal of very valuable information concerning other aspects of what we needed to have done in the condo to make it livable again. It was a pleasure to work with him and a job well done. Thank you very much Brian and crew.

    - Sergio and Teresa V.

  • “This company is by far one of the very best. As a Victim’s Advocate, I have had numerous families personally come to me after devastating circumstances to let me know how thankful they were for Leon, Pat and Brian. They go above and beyond to respond quickly, professionally and treat you with most sincere compassion. We cant thank them enough for all the hard work!”

    - Rachel Vincent

  • “Pat (Boss Lady) and Leon came to our rescue a few weeks ago on a clean up my family was so far from equipped to do. We couldn’t have asked for more patience and understanding and love during this very difficult time than these guys were prepared to pour over our hearts. They were an excellent team and did a wonderful job and we couldn’t be more blessed to have their presence in our lives! “We highly recommend Accident Scene Cleaners, Inc® and their crews.”

    - Satisfied Customer

  • “My sister passed away suddenly at her home in Port St. Lucie in February of this year and as I was her closest remaining relative, I had to travel to Florida from New Jersey to take care of her remains and her home. I immediately called and met with Brian Warren the next day. He was calming and so helpful in taking care of the clean up in her home and explaining what needed to be done. To say I was stressed is an understatement but he put me at ease with his helpful, calming words.

    In the months since, he has been a huge help in assisting me to get the house in shape and I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without his assistance and dedication. Before this experience, I didn’t know companies such as yours existed and am forever thankful to you and Brian for everything you have done to assist me during this difficult time.”

    - Satisfied Customer

  • “Just wanted to thank Patricia and Brian for all the help during the last few months. It has been a pleasure working with both of you. I don’t know what we would have done without the services that were provided to us in Boynton Beach. It began with the first initial phone call when we first arrived in Boynton Beach. What quick response! It was within 24 hours that we received the necessary cleanup service from the company. The crew that handled our cleanup was very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend your company.

    Thank you again for everything.”

    - Barbara & Terry MacKenzie, Boynton Beach, FL

  • “I had a devastating family situation to deal with in Florida. (I live in NJ.). Brian was a huge support.He helped me formulate a plan and referred me to others that could help . Most of all he is trustworthy and securely locked the Florida residence until I arrived.Upon arrival to the residence, Brian, was there to walk me through the house & give me advice. Honestly, Brian became like a good friend that made a very bad situation easier and I knew I could count on him with what I needed to have done in the home in Florida.

    Many thanks!”

    - Satisfied Customer, NJ

  • “I wanted to thank you both very much for all your kind help and support following the passing of my father. Without your advice and assistance, I don’t know how I would have gotten through those first few weeks.

    Although I’ve said it many times already, it bears repeating- Thank you so much for becoming much more than just strangers doing a job. Through your kindness, consideration and generous help, you have become what I would consider to be close friends of the family.

    Thank you again, with my deepest gratitude.”

    - Kate Ervin, Port St. Lucie, FL

  • “I want to thank Brian and his team for showing up so quickly at my mother’s home in Lake Worth after she had a massive stroke and was found on the floor of her home where she had been for four days. He was especially helpful as I live in Pennsylvania and I had to have a neighbor meet with him to let him in the house. His team was excellent and the house was spotless by the time I came down two days later. Communication with Brian and Patricia has been ongoing four months later as they are not only professional but extremely friendly. Brian also has lots of experience with elder care and gave me lots of ideas for making the house safe for my mother.

    I would highly recommend this company.”

    - Linda T, Langhorne, PA

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