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Meth Lab Cleanup by Accident Scene Cleaners, Inc®
More commonly known as meth, methamphetamine is a street drug that is highly addictive and extremely popular. As costs have dropped in recent years in comparison to many other recreational drugs, there has been an increase in home meth labs. The intentional use of methamphetamine is not only illegal but also highly damaging to the health of users. Unfortunately, the hazards don’t end with intentional use.

The Dangers of Meth Exposure

meth lab cleanupMethamphetamine is a crystal that vaporizes once heated, which happens when it is smoked. This vapor sticks to surfaces and recrystallizes. People accidentally ingest meth through their skin by coming into contact with these surfaces. It can also be ingested through the mouth, nose or eyes by incidental contaminated contact. Sadly, babies and toddlers are especially vulnerable as they spend so much time crawling on all fours. We know that young ones sample everything by taste and it only takes a small dose of Meth to harm a baby.

Protecting a family from incidental and accidental exposure to methamphetamine is everyone’s concern, but especially for those who own rental property and have discovered it’s illegal use as a meth lab. In addition to the moral obligation to Public Safety there is the very real possibility of legal ramifications should the home be rented to others without being decontaminated.

  • “Meth Homes” have long-term toxic effects causing numerous health problems from respiratory to neurological illness for unsuspecting homebuyers and renters.
  • Throughout the State of Florida, there have been 84,000 seized meth labs nationwide since 2004.

While many conversations about disclosure laws are currently taking place, real estate agents and sellers are required by Florida state law to disclose anything that materially and substantially affects the value of a home. This can create a liability issue for property owners that must be addressed in order to avoid expensive lawsuits that could result in costly settlements.

Protecting People and Property

It is estimated that anywhere from five to seven pounds of chemical waste are created for each pound of methamphetamine that is produced. These harmful chemical bike products threaten the health and safety of people, pets and wildlife.

Even if you suspect that property you own or intend to buy or rent has been used as a meth lab, you shouldn’t take any chances. Have the professionals of Accident Scene Cleaners conduct testing. Should the test come back positive for the presence of methamphetamines, our certified technicians will conduct a thorough site inspection in order to determine the most affected decontamination method.

If any additional hazards and or chemicals are present, ASC technicians will securely dispose of them.

  • Our experienced technicians will dispose of anything that has absorbed the toxic chemicals used in the production of meth. This could include carpeting, furniture, light fixtures and flooring. Air conditioning and heating systems may also require remediation.
  • Our team will discuss the ideal clean up process for your particular location with you prior to beginning the work. Our number one concern is the health and safety of you and your family and we work diligently to guard against accidental and unintentional methamphetamine ingestion.

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