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Meth Lab Cleanup in Fort Pierce, Palm City, Sebastian, FL

Meth Lab Cleanup should only be done by trained professionals

Methamphetamine is known by different name such as meth, speed and crystal. This drug is concocted by addicts in so called meth labs. After a meth lab is shut down by authorities the property in question will require professional cleaning. Accident Scene Cleaners provides meth lab cleanup services in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, Palm City, Sebastian and Stuart, FL. A meth lab contaminates the area with methamphetamine and other dangerous chemicals.

A meth lab can exist anywhere addicts have access or residency such as in a house, an apartment, a flat, a hotel room, in a vehicle and even in outdoor spaces. So what should you do if you find out about a meth lab in your area? You should immediately notify the authorities. Meth addicts are dangerous people and you should not try and confront the situation directly. After the meth lab is shut down, it is the property owner’s responsibility have the area professionally cleaned.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) recommends that meth lab cleanup should only be performed by people who are trained in the removal and cleanup of hazardous waste. Apart from the meth lab room itself, it is likely that contamination could have spread to other areas of the building. In addition to hazardous waste a meth lab is also likely to contain dirt and filth and pest infestation is also likely.

A meth lab cleanup team will use specialized equipment and chemicals to perform the removal, cleaning and decontamination. They will also wear special protective clothing such as gloves, dust masks and eyewear.

Suicide cleanup is also a task that is best left to the professionals. Apart from the potential emotional issues associated with a suicide, the scene itself will contain bio-hazardous blood as well as body fluids and tissue.