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Hoarding Clean Up by Accident Scene Cleaners, Inc®

What is hoarding?

Most people enjoy collecting, and it’s not unusual for individuals to hold on to things that have significant sentimental value. However, when someone experiences persistent difficulty discarding or parting with personal possessions, it can become a problem. Once they develop the perception of need that compels them to save things to excess, it becomes compulsive. People who suffer with hoarding disorder actually experienced distress at the thought of getting rid of things, resulting in a disruption of their normal lifestyle.

What are the risks associated with hoarding?

Associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression, hoarding is a condition that affects one in every 300 American adults. It results in family problems, financial difficulties and even health hazards, such as:

  • Air Quality Issues
    Decaying waste products produced dust, odors and ammonia, which can result in serious air quality issues, resulting in respiratory problems that cause difficulty with breathing. Cleaning such an environment is a dangerous proposition for the unprotected and untrained, so imagine the detrimental effect it has on people and animals actually living in a hoarder’s home.
  • Mildew and Fungus
    Many hoarders have trouble throwing away food, even if it is gone bad. Food that’s gone bad in the refrigerator, on pantry shelves become petri dishes for mildew and fungus growth, as well as unwashed plates with food remnants. In addition to the awful odors, it poses a serious health risk.
  • Sanitation Problems
    In homes were animal hoarding takes place poor sanitary conditions are common. Many animals living in a confined space generally results in the spread of disease, as animal waste easily contaminates human and pet food. In more serious cases, animals actually die and their bodies are never removed, creating a whole new set of sanitation and infestation problems.
  • Pest Infestation
    Rotting food and animal waste products of trash cockroaches, rats, flies and other pests. A hoarder’s home can become a haven for these pests and a breeding ground for diseases that spread to people and animals living within these unsanitary conditions
  • Safety Issues
    Hallways, common areas and typical paths from one to room to another become clogged, making it virtually impossible for technicians to perform maintenance on HVAC systems, sprinkler systems and other home maintenance items. Windows and doors are often blocked by extreme clutter. This is especially dangerous since the possibility of fire is greatly increased due to the incredibly increased Mast of combustible items in a hoarder’s home.

Compassionate Cleaning by ASC

Accident Scene Cleaners provides hoarding cleanup services that help you or your loved ones take control of your lives. Our professional team provides compassionate and discrete service, removing, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting your home so you can once again live a healthy, happy life.

Dealing with the emotional mess that results from hoarding is more than enough for any family to handle. Getting well should be the only concern. Let the professionals at Accident Scene Cleaners take care of the cleaning. ASC is proud to provide compassionate hoarding cleanup service throughout Sebastian, Hutchinson Island, Vero Beach, Port St Lucie, Stewart and many other communities throughout Florida.

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