Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Palm Beach, FL Biohazard Cleanup

Why call Accident Scene Cleaners, Inc. – a professional biohazard cleanup company?

Biohazard cleanup companies in and around Delray Beach, Jupiter, Stuart, Palm Beach and Port St Lucie in Florida clean up what you must not. No one can foretell when it may be necessary to safely conduct a permanent biohazard clean up and decontaminate the residence or office. Biohazards also known as “biological hazards” refer to biological materials, including human or animal feces, bodily fluids and blood tissue that can adversely affect the health of living organisms, both human beings and animals. This term is generally used as a warning signal for disaster response, so that those people who are potentially confronted by the biological substances will know employ preventive measures and treat the substance as a biological threat.

Get a peace of mind with us

All biohazard clean-up jobs are risky and require special training and tools to clean up the area properly with a disinfectant and then deodorize in order to remove the threat. For over 2 decades, Accident Scene Cleaners, Inc., a professional full-service biohazard cleanup company specializing in restoration of post-traumatic scenes, to include but not limited to suicides, homicides and unattended deaths has removed harmful biohazards in all kinds of highly-risked situations. No matter what situation has reached its crisis point, our licensed and highly trained technicians are prepared to provide assistance (24*7) quickly by wearing the proper protective equipment as required by OSHA in the following types of situations to remove the risk of exposure:

  1. Trauma cleanup
  2. Blood cleanup
  3. Death Cleanup
  4. Hoarding cleanup
  5. Suicide cleanup
  6. Crime scene cleanup
  7. After death cleanup
  8. Bio recovery cleanup
  9. Homicide cleanup

What we actually want to know to take away the worry?

When you call us at any hour of any day in this number 1-866-758-2643, you will speak to one of our technicians immediately. We work thoroughly and efficiently all day, with respect for you and the scene itself but we have some difficult questions to ask to get ready for the fastest and most effective biohazard cleanup and here are those questions:

  • What is the relationship is between you and the departed?
  • How many areas are adversely affected?
  • Has the crime or suicide scene been investigated by the cop and coroner?
  • Who will you be your contact person upon arrival? Will it be you yourself?


Did you find these questions difficult? If you have, then I am sure you weren’t well- prepared for the answers to these questions