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Crime Scene Clean-up by Accident Scene Cleaners, Inc®
Whether it occurs at your home, place of business or inside your vehicle, crime in and of itself can be, at best, a frustrating occurrence. When the committing of a crime results in violence, it takes on a whole new level. The trauma of witnessing the aftermath of serious injury as a result of a crime can truly be a life-changing experience. When it involves a family member, friend or co-worker, it’s no longer simply a news story but something extremely personal and impactful.

Dealing with the Aftermath

Following a crime, a police investigation takes place, evidence is collected and, hopefully, arrests are made and perpetrators are brought to justice. However, the reality that faces survivors following a violent crime is seldom considered. The ugly truth is that there remains a painful reminder of the tragedy: the blood and other physical evidence that must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly. Family members, friends and co-workers should be allowed to seek comfort and emotional support following such a traumatic event. It’s truly unthinkable to place the burden of cleanup on those who are dealing with grief. No one who has suffered a loss should have to revisit the scene of a violent crime or be held responsible for its cleanup. Accident Scene Cleaners provides the professional services that allow healing to begin immediately following a tragedy.

Compassionate Approach, Professional Results

The professionally trained and certified technicians of accident scene cleaners understand the delicate nature surrounding the cleanup of a violent crime scene. Once we are commissioned to complete cleanup of a crime scene, our first step is to protect your privacy. Our team is well-versed in maintaining and protecting your privacy, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to the scene. Our response vehicles are unmarked for discretion.

ASC Certified technicians are highly trained in the use of EPA-registered disinfectants as well as infection control decontamination chemicals. This is critical to maintaining a clean and sanitized environment that eliminates possible pathogens that can create ongoing health risk long after all physical evidence has been removed.

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