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Biohazard Cleanup by Accident Scene Cleaners, Inc®

Service with Compassion

The emotional trauma caused by a homicide, suicide, violent crime or accident is an incredible burden for anyone to face. At a time when individuals need and deserve comfort, the ideal of cleanup should never even be a consideration, let alone a serious concern. The mess left behind can have lasting effects for those who witness it and is best left to trained professionals removed from any emotional attachments to the victims.
At Accident Scene Cleaners, we never forget the humanity involved in the services we provide. While the technical aspects are crucial to successful completion, there is a need for compassion, understanding and a genteel approach with respect for the dignity of those we serve. We treat the scene with the utmost discretion, ensuring only authorized personnel have access.

Trust the Professionals

The removal of blood and other bodily fluids presents a unique and hazardous situation that requires a trained professional. The team of ASC wants to stress the importance of leaving cleanup to professionals. Blood and fluids can saturate porous materials including concrete, grout, drywall, carpeting, wall studs, floor joists and floors. Removing visible signs is not enough. Invisible to the naked eye, bloodborne pathogens remain. Left untended, they can continue to damage property and possible health risks.

Specialists in Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup does more than remove obvious and visible signs of a traumatic event. The professional administration of proper bio-hazardous clean-up procedures results in alleviating decontamination associated with a host of biohazards, which can include the removal of:

  • Blood and Bodily Fluids
  • Fecal Matter/ Incontinence
  • Sewage Spills
  • Bodily Tissue and Other Human Biological Trace Materials
  • Contaminated personal items / clothing, etc.

ASC Biohazard cleanup services include the removal of all biohazards, as well as professional deep disinfecting cleaning, deodorization as well as meticulous record keeping and documenting of all disposed infectious materials. Our cleaning processes have proven extremely effective in restoring a scene to its pre-trauma status. by eliminating the source of possible contamination, we can then sanitize, deodorize and deep clean the affected areas, eliminating pathogens and securing the health and safety of your home, office, store or vehicle.

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