Biohazard Cleanup, Crime Scene Clean Up, Disaster Response, Hording Cleanup, Meth Lab Clean Up, and Suicide Cleanup in Delray Beach, FL

If you have a fire in Delray Beach, you call the fire department. If you have a medical emergency, you go to Delray Medical Center, but what do you do if your Delray Beach home or business is the scene of a traumatic event or crime? Who do you turn to for crime scene cleaning or biohazard clean up? While this a situation we hope you never find yourselves in, if you do, you can be assured that Accident Scene Cleaners is here to help. With over 3 decades of industry experience and 24-hour disaster response service, we are the experts to call for crime scene cleanup. In fact, we are available to handle jobs of any size and scope, and we offer prompt, timely service throughout Delray Beach and the surrounding South Florida communities. You have already dealt with enough. Leave the rest to the professionals. Accident Scene Cleaners is always just a phone call away.

Crime scene cleaning requires specific products and techniques in order to safely restore your Delray Beach property and provide proper infection control. Drug store cleaners and traditional cleaning methods simply aren’t designed to provide the type of sanitizing that is needed in these situations. In addition, overlooked hazards such as broken glass, needles and bio-waste can pose a major risk if not properly handled and disposed of. Certified by ABRA as Bio-Hazard Recovery Technicians, Accident Scene Cleaners has the experience, knowledge and resources to quickly and safely clean and restore your Delray Beach home or business. We utilize the latest technology, including: EPA registered disinfectants, high-heat sanitizing equipment and infection control equipment to ensure that your property is free from contaminants and can be safely occupied. This allows us to provide the complete spectrum of biohazard clean up services including: crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, meth lab clean up, hoarding cleanup and more. We understand this is a difficult time, and Accident Scene Cleaners is here to help.

Whether you need service at your Delray Beach home or business, we understand the importance of discretion. That is why our professionals take necessary measures to secure the scene, maintain your privacy and ensure that the area is kept inaccessible to any unauthorized individuals. From Lake Ida Road to Linton Boulevard, South Army Trail Road to South Ocean Boulevard, wherever your Delray Beach home or business is located, Accident Scene Cleaners is the name to know. Contact us today.