American Bio-Recovery Association

Accident Scene Cleaners, Inc® is proud to be a part of the ABRA


Founded the first Bio-Recovery Company in the world.

Founded the industries professional group: “The American Bio-Recovery Association”.

Author the first bio-recovery manual.

Developed the first bio-recovery certification test.

ABRA members were creators of the first Bio-Recovery Technician Certification class.

ABRA companies were first to provide professional expertise to private corporations during the Anthrax scare.

Majority of Anthrax contamination remediations in NY, Washington, DC, Maryland and others areas were done by ABRA companies.

ABRA are leaders in private Bioterrorism and Terrorism Response.

First Bio-recovery Technician law in the United States initiated by ABRA member (Louisiana).

Majority of cruise ship decontamination on East, West and Gulf coasts are provided by ABRA members.

An ABRA member went to ISRAEL to work with the Ministry of Environment in the exchange of information regarding Anthrax testing, cleanup and suicide bombing response.

An ABRA member responded to only the second suspected Ricin contamination in the United States.

ABRA companies are pioneers in the State Licensed Drug Lab Remediation (Washington-Arizona).

The majority of legitimate news, print and TV reporting on biohazard cleaning and biohazard companies have been about professional ABRA members and their companies.

On occasion, due to the condition of the crime scene, ABRA members have found evidence during remediation operations. Two members have been responsible for the conviction of two murderers.

Two ABRA members were featured in two one hour documentaries about Crime Scene Cleaning on the Discovery Channel.

ABRA has been mentioned on the original CSI and an ABRA member has been a consultant to the show.

An ABRA member was the first Bio-recovery person in the United States to hold the certification of “Certified in Homeland Security (CHS) Level-III, IV, and V” as certified by the prestigious American Board for Certification in Homeland Security.

ABRA members have been consultants for various crime TV shows.

ABRA members come from the United States, Canada, Australia and England.

When the media, government or educational communities need answers regarding biohazard situations it contacts ABRA members.

ABRA members are the most qualified, professional and dedicated bio-recovery professional companies and technicians in the profession.

ABRA members have written numerous articles for various trade and professional magazines ranging from Janitorial, Law Enforcement, Restoration and Homeland Security to name a few.

ABRA members were the first ones on the ground after hurricane Katrina.

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